Profile: Donald Kerry Frey

Donald Kerry Frey has a commendable background as a tech entrepreneur and he credits that for providing him with an ability to create two successful pet projects, Frey Robotics ( and The Nova Tribune ( One thing Donald has always demonstrated over the years is a passion for information and how best to help people understand how they can become smarter and better informed.

Not all information is good information and the process of guiding people to the right kind of information consumption and how to use information to make the world a better place is what led Donald Kerry Frey to create both sites in the first place. With Frey Robotics, Donald hopes to inform people about the future of technology. That way, they will be more likely to accept the developments we are making for the future. Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey created the Nova Tribune news site as a way to present the news in a way that respects both sides of every argument in many different fields and interests.

The Frey Approach to Innovation

With a significant background as a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey believes that his background has been the key to make successes of two important projects; Frey Robotics ( and The Nova Tribune ( With these two informational sites, Donald hopes to keep informing people with these two sites for years to come.

Donald Kerry Frey has always expressed a desire that more people have access to information that makes people more aware. Over the course of many years, he has worked to understand the process of information consumption and he has learned how consumers can use that to make the world better.

That was the thinking that led Donald Kerry Frey to create both Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune. With Frey Robotics, he hopes to create in people a desire to participate in the world of technology in a way that makes them look forward to the future, not fear it. The Nova Tribune news site tries to present the news in a way that approaches all issues evenly, from the perspective of all sides of any argument in a wide variety of fields and interests.

Donald Kerry Frey And The Nova Tribune Present The Issues

Have you been looking for an online news source that presents current issues evenly? Before Donald Kerry Frey founded The Nova Tribune, there was no such sites in which one could read articles that presented both sides of the issues with both parties opinions being represented evenly. Donald Kerry Frey believed in creating a space where readers could go and hear the information that allows the public to form an educated opinion without bias. Many news stories and articles today are biased by personal opinions or simply motivated by personal goals more than motivated to inform the public of the facts. This is where the inspiration for the founding of The Nova Tribune came from: to provide the public with a website that offers people news, entertainment, music, and fashion articles from a plethora of sources and backgrounds. Donald Kerry Frey and the staff of The Nova Tribune continue to work tirelessly to give readers an alternate news source that both informs and educates by utilizing articles authored from multiple sides of the issues.

Check out a website that provides articles from both sides of a current issue, The Nova Tribune, in order to help you find out the issues from an even source. Donald Kerry Frey, a tech entrepreneur and currently the owner of The Nova Tribune wanted to design a website that gave people options for where they received the news and that’s exactly what they do.

Donald Kerry Frey’s Intelligent Daitou E

The concept of intelligent robot integration, home appliances, and smart home is on the verge of promotion to most enterprises. It entails decoration of the living room, the presence of moisture cleaner, intelligent microwave oven, TV, floor sweeper and other upmarket appliances. The Daitou E robot is the perfect technology that automatically coordinates movements back and forth in a living room performing lots of work with its electronic eye surveillance.

The Daitou E is an intelligent robot best for security. It is mounted with two huge eyes on its face which are video cameras. The camera devices are capable of observing the surrounding and do an analysis of the conditions in the vicinity of the robot. In the event of an intruder or a sudden appearance of a non-familiar face accesses the room or the household, the robot transmits information immediately to the police headquarters, owner or security department. Such transfer of information also occurs when a fire breaks out in the residence. The Daitou E is fitted with sensing technologies called thermal sensors which are sensitive to heat. It is a product of Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen.

The Daitou E comes with a technology that enables the owner to control it via a control panel and let it act as a centralized controller of appliances such as refrigerators, moisturizing machines, washing machines and sweeping machines.  Functionalities can be added to the control panel to make it a right house manservant. It is affordable and easily obtainable at Frey Robotics. Donald Kerry Frey is the owner of Frey Robotics. He is a tech entrepreneur.