Have you been looking for an online news source that presents current issues evenly? Before Donald Kerry Frey founded The Nova Tribune, there was no such sites in which one could read articles that presented both sides of the issues with both parties opinions being represented evenly. Donald Kerry Frey believed in creating a space where readers could go and hear the information that allows the public to form an educated opinion without bias. Many news stories and articles today are biased by personal opinions or simply motivated by personal goals more than motivated to inform the public of the facts. This is where the inspiration for the founding of The Nova Tribune came from: to provide the public with a website that offers people news, entertainment, music, and fashion articles from a plethora of sources and backgrounds. Donald Kerry Frey and the staff of The Nova Tribune continue to work tirelessly to give readers an alternate news source that both informs and educates by utilizing articles authored from multiple sides of the issues.

Check out a website that provides articles from both sides of a current issue, The Nova Tribune, in order to help you find out the issues from an even source. Donald Kerry Frey, a tech entrepreneur and currently the owner of The Nova Tribune wanted to design a website that gave people options for where they received the news and that’s exactly what they do.