With a significant background as a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey believes that his background has been the key to make successes of two important projects; Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com) and The Nova Tribune (novatribune.org). With these two informational sites, Donald hopes to keep informing people with these two sites for years to come.

Donald Kerry Frey has always expressed a desire that more people have access to information that makes people more aware. Over the course of many years, he has worked to understand the process of information consumption and he has learned how consumers can use that to make the world better.

That was the thinking that led Donald Kerry Frey to create both Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune. With Frey Robotics, he hopes to create in people a desire to participate in the world of technology in a way that makes them look forward to the future, not fear it. The Nova Tribune news site tries to present the news in a way that approaches all issues evenly, from the perspective of all sides of any argument in a wide variety of fields and interests.